The company of Up2-Tec GmbH offers customer-oriented products mainly in the fields of lightweight structures and fibre composite technologies. Up2-Tec is focused on prototypes and series production as well as development and engineering. With our experienced engineers, we offer a broad variety of engineering solutions such as structural design and analyzes or optimization of components.

Our cooperation network of universities and industrial partners allows the realization of complex projects for customers mainly out of the aerospace-, automotive- or engineering industry.

Offers are aimed at private consumers, industry and public clients.



- Plastic/composite models/ parts/ components

- Variothermal & stretchable membrane systems

- Serial production of composites

    2D/ 3D shells, tubes and profiles

- Large model aircraft

- Composite spring elements

- Impact protection caps


- Design optimization

- Structural strength analyses

- Lightweight structures

- CAD design and technical drawings



- Tools and Mock-Ups

- Prototype design & construction