Laboratory for Lightweight Construction and Vibration Control


In cooperation with a technical consulting service, a broad portfolio of component investigations is carried out. These investigations are used to test structures and components or to further develop and optimize the structural properties and to determine material characteristics.

Accompanying the tests, we will assist you with our numerical and metrological means. We will gladly provide you with a documentation of the test procedure and a report on the results of the tests. All our tests are always based on valid DIN standards.

For special requirements, we like to create an individual test concept.

The available measuring and testing technology includes the following machines and experimental setups:

  • servohydraulic testing machine up to 16 kN (HxWxD = 1500x700x1200 mm) with temperature chamber (-30 ° C to +100 ° C)

  • servohydraulic testing machine up to 25 kN (HxWxD = 600x600x1200 mm) with temperature chamber for bending tests (length 750 mm, +350 ° C)

  • servohydraulic testing machine up to 400 kN (HxWxD = 1100x700x1200 mm)

  • 2 electrodynamic vibration exciters (185 N to 10 kHz and 4800 N to 4 kHz with test frame as fixed clamping)

  • temperature chamber up to + 250 ° C (HxWxD = 1350x1000x450 mm)

  • temperature chamber from -40 ° to + 180 ° C (HxWxD = 520x520x490 mm)
  • multi-channel measuring technology for strain gauge, displacement, temperature, pressure and acceleration

  • testing devices for tensile, compression and bending tests

  • test device for long-term bending creep tests and torsional creep tests
  • muffle furnace for fiber content determination

If you have questions about the structure and execution of the tests, we are happy to assist and find the total package for you.

Structure Analyses & Component Testing

  • calculation/ simulation
    • simulation and strength analysis ANSYS
    • fiber composite calculation and design

  • static and dynamic component testing
    • Cooperation with technical consulting service. Expert opinions may be prepared within the framework of this cooperation.
    • supervision, conception, execution and documentation of experiments


Engineering Services

As part of our services, we provide experienced calculation engineers for the design, analysis and optimization of components in mechanical engineering, aerospace, automotive and others. Based on structural investigations with the help of the finite element analysis, feasibility analyzes and component optimizations can be carried out and strength proofs can be created.