Silicone Molds

Based on your specifications we manufacture individual silicone molds. These forms can be used for the production of silicone components or as electrical insulators. Also, food safe silicones can be processed with American FDA approval.

For the production of silicone molds, we also produce milling molds that consist of POM, PA, hard foam or aluminum.

To avoid blistering, we use a desiccator in our process. To increase the clock rates, depending on the requirement of the silicone, there is the possibility of a warm outsourcing.






Impact Protection for Type 4 Gas Cylinder

The impact protection for Type4 gas cylinders consists of a special PUR-foam and was based on a developed customer order. The protective caps are subsequently and permanently connected to the gas cylinders. In the case of an impact, sensitive areas of the cylinder structure are protected. The development was completed with a successful certification of the system.


Model Production

As specialists in the fields of mold and model making, we can offer you the production of individual prototypes as well as the mass production of your products. Optionally, we manufacture based on your specifications from drawings or 3D-CAD formats or create in cooperation the necessary data for the production. Within the scope of our possibilities, we offer you the production of the original form up to the complete model.